LaBelle Lab

James LaBelle is a pediatric hematologist / oncologist at the University of Chicago Medical Center.


The amazing LaBelle Lab team circa 2017.

I spent two years as a lab technician in James LaBelle's lab at the University of Chicago after receiving my bachelor's degree. My western blots had other labs on our floor jealous 😏

The major goal of the LaBelle lab is to pharmacologically target intracellular proteins to induce cancer cell death and manipulate the immune response. My project in the lab looked at applying new research tools and prototype therapeutics to target the BCL-2 family of proteins and other cell signaling proteins in immune cells to induce a death response.

My work at the LaBelle lab was published in Oncotarget on October 2019. Here's a link to the paper:

During my time working there, I also had the opportunity to shadow James at Comer Children's Hospital.

After wrapping up my time in the lab and starting medical school, James has stayed a mentor to me and continues to inspire me.

The yearly summer lab barbeque at James' house.
The yearly summer lab barbeque at James' house.

For more info about the LaBelle lab, go to their website: 👇